Curieuse compagnie

When Curieux Bégin became part of my life it had a real impact on my personal and professional journey. It really opened my eyes to the reality of those courageous, almost crazy people who make the decision to feed us. These are people who are galvanized by an all-consuming passion and an unshakeable faith in their choice of lifestyle. 

Curieux Bégin is my way of tipping my hat to them. And now, they're an integral part of my life. Their friendship bolsters me and above all, fills me with joy.  

Then came the proposal from IGA. My mission was to highlight local producers and the fruits of their labour. And that's exactly what I had set out to do with "Curieux Bégin."

Encouraged by my business partner, Katrine Daoust, I started to think about a project that would really come to fruition by establishing solid partnerships with local producers. From there, we came up with the idea of offering a complete line of "entirely local' food products chosen and prepared according to a rigorous set of values and standards. Products that would be my vehicle for showcasing the work of growers, producers and transformers chosen as time went on. 

Today, after two years of hard work, pushing the standards of the industry, we offer you our first line of exceptional products. Naturally, excellence has a price. But I remain convinced that by supporting our producers, we can support our agricultural independence. We can stimulate OUR economy. I'm also convinced that the more we "put a face on a carrot," the more people are willing to put their hands into their pockets. In the end, wanting to promote the people who feed us isn't all that curious a mission after all!

Stay Curieux, we've got more surprises in store for you…